Free Quick Check

A great free service to help you identify any past, current or future potential issues with a tenancy. The form is easy to fill in and the results appear on the screen instantly. You don’t even need to put in your personal details to get the results. If you need more help you can submit the results to us and book a call back with our helpline.


Our helpline provides landlords, agents or others operating within the industry simple explanations to what can seem like complex issues.  We have strong knowledge in PRS compliance and eviction proceedings. Our most typical calls are in regards to validity of section 21 notices, checking deposit rules have been followed, what documents are required for eviction proceedings and rules that need to be complied with before notices can be served.

Possession Claim Paperwork Packaging

This service is for landlords who do not wish to engage a solicitor to manage the full eviction but instead wish to manage it themselves but have the initial paperwork completed for them to ensure no errors are made. We prepare each of the claim packs for a claim for possession on the basis of the section 21 notice or the section 8 notice served along with all the other supporting documents and the relevant information provided to us.  After our work is completed the claim pack is sent to the landlord for signature and to file with the court along with the court fee.  The rest of the matter is then handled by the landlord directly but of course can book a call with our helpline if they come across anything they are not sure of. We have been offering this particular service for nearly a decade and is very popular with landlords who are not happy with hourly rate billing via a solicitor. Just one fixed fee is paid to us for preparing the claim and that’s it.

Agent Support 

We provide agents with a range of supportive services to assist them in the smooth running of the portfolio of properties in which they manage. These services are all in relation to compliance and  procedure.  The most popular are onsite update sessions and our file checks. Onsite update sessions are usually for 2 hours and are kept quite informal as small discussion groups. Our file check assesses how new tenancies are being administrated and we make suggestions on how to ensure they are more compliant preventing issues with later problems such as eviction.

Land Registry Documents

We obtain official copies of the register of title for a rental property. This is important to both landlords and agents. When an agent takes on a new property they must ensure that they are preparing paperwork and acting for a person with the correct legal authority. If when serving notice upon a tenant it contains the wrong landlord name then it is not likely to be valid nor enforceable. Many people manage a property for their spouse or partner with their permission to be ‘landlord’, this however is not the way legal process works and the correct landlord must be present on a notice and legal proceedings. Obtaining an up-to-date copy of the register is important to ensure all is correct. For a landlord they should ensure this register is up to date to prevent property fraud, so a range of services are offered to deal with this matter too.